Cities: Skylines - Campus Steam Key GLOBAL

Cities: Skylines - Campus Steam Key GLOBAL
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Cities: Skylines Campus is the eighth pack to the game presents you with the new possibilities brought by the introduction of improvements and specializations to the education system of your city. In this pack, you can indulgence yourself even more in advanced features helping you to micromanage your city through policies and new specialized buildings.Higher education Now you can create more specialized areas for the students of your city with the 3 new campus types: Trade School, Liberal Arts College and, University. After assigning those with the brush tool, you can start building by placing the right administrative buildings specific to each of the 9 faculties. Your citizens can now join the Police Academy, School of Education or School of Science and more. Creating the faculties does not only increase the reputation of the Educational institutions of your city, but each gives a bonus by for example decreasing crime or increasing wealth of your city.Reputation mattersBuilding reputation of your campus is important as it allows you to build more advanced buildings, raise the tuition fees or allow a bigger number of exchange students to visit your city. You need to be careful, though since it is also possible to lose reputation if the balance between Academic Works, campus attractiveness and the number of students is disrupted.
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