Cities: Skylines After Dark Steam Key GLOBAL

Cities: Skylines After Dark Steam Key GLOBAL
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In Cities: Skylines After Dark expansion, the developers allow you to take control over the day and night life of your city’s citizens. Create the night scenarios that you’ve always wanted, by opening more night clubs, bars, as well as other buildings benefiting more from those citizens who enjoy nights a bit more. You are now in control of the night activities of your citizens, which allows you to make some areas more active during the night than in the day.Tourism arrives in the townBring tourists to your city by creating more places of interest and giving those who come places to spend their time. Now amongst others, you can place beach bars, zoos and skate parks as well as some more night-oriented attractions like casinos and enjoy the way the city changes when the day ends. For those citizens who didn’t learn how to behave, the expansion pack presents with a room in prison, where they can rethink their life choices.Don’t stop movingYour citizens need to commute not only after dark and for that reason the developers prepared a number of upgrades to the roads which come with this expansion. Everyone’s favorite yellow taxi cars can now be seen in the city together with new buses on their dedicated lanes. Moreover, you can place pathways for cyclists and other types of roads to give your citizens an even greater choice of transportation.Key featuresEnjoy the changing look of your city when the night falls;Attract tourist and allow them to spend time and money during day and night;Use more elaborate means of transport with the bicycle and bus lanes and the taxi cabs;Give your citizens more night-time leisure activity choices;Implement new policies to tailor the city to your liking.
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