Cinemaware Anthology: 1986-1991 Steam Key GLOBAL

Cinemaware Anthology: 1986-1991 Steam Key GLOBAL
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Cinemaware's Anthology of classic games gives you a fascinating collection of some of the highest-regarded, most successful games from legendary game developer Cinemaware! Relive that awesome, golden-era of videogames-feeling: rescue a princess in medieval England, become the boss of Chicago's Mafia, wipe out terrorizing killer-ants or fight against enemy invaders with your jetpack and raygun in the 1940s! Choose to play the original Amiga version or the PC MS-DOS version (where available). All games will run on Windows 7 and Windows 8. Key featuresThe "Cinemaware Anthology: 1986-1991" includes the following titles: Defender of the CrownSDIThe King of ChicagoSinbad and the Throne of the FalconLords of the Rising SunRocket RangerIt Came From the DesertIt Came From the Desert II: AntheadsWings!TV Sports: FootballTV Sports: BasketballTV Sports: BaseballTV Sports: Boxing
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