Chessaria: The Tactical Adventure Steam Key GLOBAL

Chessaria: The Tactical Adventure Steam Key GLOBAL
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Chessaria delivers for the first time ever, classic Chess combat backed with epic fantasy quests. Challenge your tactical skills as you battle against computer opponents for the future of Chessaria. Experience a strategy game with tactical depth, breadth, and challenge like nothing you have played before: an original combination of Chess, tactical setups and story-based missions.After a thousand years of peace and prosperity, the elven city of Silveran is burnt to ashes by a dragon from the north. The bravest warriors will embark on an epic journey through the world of Chessaria to seek justice and unveil the truth behind the attack…MISSION-BASED CHESS BATTLESAdventure Mode: Fight & solve puzzles in the 100 levels of the solo campaign (+15h).Quick Game: Enjoy 10 Classic Chess and variants with your friends or against the A.I.Online Multiplayer: Fight against your Steam Friends in online battles.NEXT GENERATION A.I.Challenge a new gen A.I. (2800+ ELO) that enables infiltration & assassination quests.A FANTASY WORLDBattle with 3 playable armies (High Elves, Dark Elves and Orcs).Lead your fellowship against challenging Bosses that will test your tactical skills.Discover a story that will put the destiny of Chessaria in your hands.Enjoy an emotional soundtrack created by British composer Ben Rawles.
platform: Steam
priceplus: 1082.35
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