Catch & Release Steam Key GLOBAL

Catch & Release Steam Key GLOBAL
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Tired of city landscape? Wish to catch a fish or two?Take your time to pick a perfect fishing spot. You are in North America on a magical lake called Whispering Waters. Breathe, calm down and get meditative. No timer is there to rush you or a beep to stress you in any way.This game gives players a rare chance to do nothing—just be and watch the excellent nature animations. Be surrounded by natural sounds and a magnificent mountain range.Sit and realise this striking truth: “Wow, where on earth, am I? Myself in a swaying boat, a land of beauty, and plants, and animals. Me and the elements: water, mountainy earth, air, fire—the mighty sun, and... more water. What else can be more serene?”Fishing BibleAcquire a fair amount of solid knowledge of fish species, their preferences, and characteristics. Find out the differences between green worm bite and sander bait. Learn about fishing equipment. Get familiar with all kinds of spinners and all kinds of hooks. And now, grab the rod, place the proper bite on a proper hook and throw the line hard and far. Feel every movement and tension of your interactive device. Catch & Release features a fishing system that enables the full control of the fishing rod.Of course, you dream to hug the greatest catch. Thaaat big! Develop some strategy and practise a few techniques, as some bigger beauties might pose a bit of a problem for complete lay fishers. Reel wisely, watch out for jaws snapping! Place your caught ones in a comfy basket.What to do?Good fisher people never get bored on their canoes. This game offers you a variety of fun activities. Grab a triangle sandwich and have a tasty outdoor lunch, have a good drink too. Enjoy a lot of fun with your Polaroid camera! Take plenty of stunning photos of amazing views that you are passing: a group of spruce trees, sticking out proud, sparkling waterfalls, rocky canyons, and more. Play with little stones—try skipping. Find various types of treasures along the lake shore.Energising soundsTurn on a charming retro radio and find your favourite country or folk channel with over 30 original pleasant pieces. Listen to refreshing country music that will give you a joyful attitude to go with any action you take.Sing along with “Going Home” by The Boonies while you’re rowing your boat. Dive into natural sounds of shouting falcons, seagulls, and water ripples. Feel the gentle breeze and stronger gusts of the wind. Enjoy both the sounds and the visuals of this game.
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