Call of Duty: Black Ops MAC Steam Key GLOBAL

Call of Duty: Black Ops MAC Steam Key GLOBAL
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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Mac Edition is the next installment of the popular series of First Person Shooters, Call of Duty (known also as the CoD). The game has been developed by Treyarch, and released by Activision in 2010. In the game, players will take control over a highly trained elite soldier. During the adventure, the player will complete nearly impossible missions in various locations all over the world. The single-player campaign has always been one of the best features in every CoD game and Black Ops is no exception.This version of the game has been designed for devices with macOS only. Storyline The action of the game takes place during the Cold War, and the Vietnam War. The plot is spread between 1961, and 1968 and it tells the story of secret operations carried out behind enemy lines. The main protagonist of CoD: BO is Alex Mason, a former U.S. Marine Force Recon Captain. The United States and the Soviet Union are on the brink of war. CIA believes that Mason has some information about an experimental weapon possessed by Russians, known as 'Nova-6'. During the interrogation, Mason reveals the story of his past and secret missions he took part in. Key Features Another installment of one of the best FPS game series in the industry - now available on MacOS! Follow the story of Alex Mason, a former U.S. Marine Captain who may be in possession of extremely important information about an experimental weapon Take part in spectacular, top-secret missions that will certainly raise your adrenaline level Visit interesting locations, all over the world Use diverse arsenal, designed with unbelievable attention to details
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