Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Season Pass Key Steam GLOBAL

Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Season Pass Key Steam GLOBAL
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The season pass does not include the base game – it adds new content to the already purchased title. The most important part of the season pass is a multitude of new maps, as all of the DLCs are included in the bundle. Among the new maps there are Downhill, Hydro, Grind, Die Rise, Mob of the Dead, Cove, Detour, and even the fan-favorite Firing Range known from the previous game, but returning under the new name, Studio.Black Ops 2 Season Pass also includes the Nuketown Zombies map and The Deuce – an exclusive Calling Card, available in the Barracks menu of Multiplayer.GameplayThe game is a first-person shooter and gives players a lot of modern weapons to try on the battlefields as they pursue the main antagonist in the single-player campaign, but the game starts to shine in multiplayer, where players can fight with hordes of zombies, and the gameplay changes drastically from dynamic but tactical shooter to a fast-paced action-packed rush for life.
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