Call Of The Mighty Warriors Steam Key GLOBAL

Call Of The Mighty Warriors Steam Key GLOBAL
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Considered of the genre of Tower Defense, in this game you will battle as an mercenary, contracted by one of the kingdoms that are in war, the king of the kingdom is called Bennevert, contracted you to command the mercenaries to defend strategic posts with your experience on the battlefield in extremely dangerous places. Place different towers around each level, your strategy can turn you into a hero of the kingdom. Lots of levels in extreme places of the planet are awaiting for you, in each level you will encounter different terrains which will test your skills against the enemies of the kingdom.Key featuresEach level will be more difficult. Soldiers will appear often and outnumber. The more you progress on the levels, more different will need to be your strategy to win. Some levels will be longer than others. Every level location has an special different background music.
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