COMPLEX a VR Puzzle Game Steam Key GLOBAL

COMPLEX a VR Puzzle Game Steam Key GLOBAL
sku: 5398d8ce-9e19-4443-8826-d44bce1535ad
Shipping from: China
- A puzzle based game for HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift and playable O N L Y with Vive or Touch Controllers- - many level to think , solve and combine thinks to solve the level.-You need skill, remembrance, logic, combination, sometimes speed, sometimes assessment reproducing- 30 Levels for you brain and your skill- first levels to train ... and following level to ...challenge your brain !- playtime are 2h-4h; for very (very) fast player about 1,5 hours - enjoy and have fun- Game and Sound by A.K(me) - Music by me and bensound - Sound FruityLoops ,CCO Sound Effect from online ressources- about 0,8 - 1 Gb Hard Disk Space
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platform: Steam
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