CJMCU-PCA9685 16 Channel PWM Servo Control Module 12 Bit Fm I2C

CJMCU-PCA9685 16 Channel PWM Servo Control Module 12 Bit Fm I2C
sku: 988317
Shipping from: China
CJMCU PCA9685 16 Channel PWM Servo Control Module 12 Bit Fm I2CFeature 1MHz Fast mode Plus compatible owned 30mA high drive capability on SDA of I2C bus interface to drive highly capacitive bus Each LED output can be achieved from the fully closed default to 4096 12 between the maximum brightness linear programmable brightness Software programmable open drain LED output selection default is push pull of 16 push pull outputs 5V at 25mA sink can absorb and provide 10mA Source Current no input function Programmable output state is in response to an order to change or stop in order to achieve all outputs simultaneously update or byte by byte byte by byte update output default Stop command changes Active low output enable input pin when the pin is high LED outputs can be programmed 0 1 or tri state high impedance power on default 6 hardware address pins so that the same I2C devices can be connected to the bus 62 PCA9685 LED output frequency all LED is typically 40Hz to 1000Hz When the oscillator is 25MHz the prescaler register default value 1EH will generate refresh rate of 200Hz 4 software programmable I2C bus address a LED group call Call addresses and three LED sub call Call address so that the device can be set in any combination to be addressed at the same time for example a register forall calls All Call then all PCA9634 devices on the I2C bus can be addressed at the same time while the second register for three different addresses
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