Burning Instinct Steam Key GLOBAL

Burning Instinct Steam Key GLOBAL
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sku: 928126
This game is about the journey of a dragon, beginning right from the start: Popping out of the egg!As a baby dragon, you will encounter many obstacles and difficulties, but as you get more experienced, your dragon gets too. It will learn new abilities, evolve and grow up as you progress.Burning Instinct is a hard sidescrolling platformer with "Metroidvania"-like aspects. Secrets are hiding in every corner, and challenging bosses await you in over 90 screens of gameplay!key ElementsPlay as a dragonHuge connected world to exploreLevelling systemPowerupsGrow up from baby to adult dragonLearn different abilities / attacksSecretsChoose how YOU want to approach a conflictLevel-EditorHeavy Symbolism
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platform: Steam
product_id: 928126
productid: 928126

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