Borderlands GOTY Enhanced GOTY Enhanced Steam Key GLOBAL

Borderlands GOTY Enhanced GOTY Enhanced Steam Key GLOBAL
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Borderlands GOTY Enhanced is a renewed edition of the first Borderlands game, developed by Gearbox Software in 2009. The edition includes every released DLC and a number of improvements, including better interface, and modernized graphics.StorylineDuring the gameplay, the player takes the role of one of the adventurers known as the Vault Hunters. The action plays out on the planet called Pandora unwelcoming, harsh world, where danger lurks behind every corner. Native Pandora creatures are mostly bloodthirsty predators, but those aren't the only threat. Many places are ruled by brutal gangs and psychotic maniacs. Our main task is to find the mythical Vault which opens once every two hundred years. For those who will manage to get inside, waits unbelievable treasure.Borderlands Enhanced GameplayBorderlands is an example of a so-called loot-shooter. During the adventure, players not only complete numerous quests and fight enemies, but also gather powerful loot that can be found on Pandora. The game starts with choosing one of the four playable heroes. Each of them represents different class and have their own, unique mechanics and abilities. Those heroes are: Lilith, Brick, Mordecai, and Roland. Action in the game is presented from the First Perspective.The developers from Gearbox Software created a huge world that players can explore on foot, or driving a buggy-like vehicle. As mentioned before, Pandora is a harsh, dangerous world and it is unwise to travel unprepared. That's why Borderlands gives a huge arsenal of various weapons for player's disposal. But guns are not the only thing that we can use for fighting with hordes of enemies. Each of the playable heroes can use their special abilities in combat, which can get you out of many situations. For example, Lilith can become invisible, Mordecai can set his flying companion to fight with the enemies, Brick can enter a battle frenzy, while Roland may deploy powerful sentry turret. Borderlands can be played both, solo, and in cooperation mode with up to 3 other players. It's worth to mention, that in some situations, working together will be much easier than playing solo.ReceptionBorderlands GOTY Enhanced leaves what was best in the original game, and enhances the rest with a number of improvements. According to the Steam platform, over 80% of users' reviews are positive. This position is a great opportunity for everyone that wants to begin his journey with this multi-awarded shooter, or once again experience this great adventure in the best way possible.Key Features The unique world of Pandora doesn't matter if it's your first time, or you've already been there. You will love Pandora. Hundreds of weapons rifles, pistols, sniper rifles, and rocket launchers! All these and many more awaits! Many hours of fun Pandora is huge! Be sure to find something to do (or to kill) behind every corner! Awesome cooperation mode bring your friends and work together, killing countless enemies and exploring this unique world! Spectacular graphics you thought that the graphics can't get any better? WRONG!
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