Borderlands GOTY EDITION Steam Key GLOBAL

Borderlands GOTY EDITION Steam Key GLOBAL
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Experience the best matches with epic bosses. Play all the extra content of the additional campaigns and enjoy hundreds of hours of chaotic shooting & looting.Borderlands The Game of the Year Edition includes 4 DLC packs so that you can enjoy all of the content.The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned: Invade the small town recognised as Jakobs Cove and prove that the walking dead don’t exist. Encounter entirely fresh, new zones, new challenges, and new opponents. Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot: Do you consider yourself as a master of gunfights? Do you presume you're skilled enough to defeat anyone? Wanna show it? Shoot thousands and hundreds of characters in the only competitive arena and decide if you are going to be victorious or not at all. The Secret Armory of General Knoxx: Are you hungry for more Borderlands story? Want to carry more items than you could have ever imagined? Experience new missions, new guns, and amazing vehicles! Claptrap’s Robot Revolution: This deadly experience draws you back to the unfriendly surroundings of Pandora to fight the new evil threat. Enjoy an extensive revolution!Key features 4 Additional Content CampaignsThe first increase in the level capNew additional heads and models, gold keys and much moreRole Playing Shooter (RPS) - Combine a frantic first-person combat with an accessible progression of role-playing charactersCo-Op Madness - Play alone, enjoy a split-screen with friends, or come and go as you please with online and offline Co-Op mode for up to four players for a multiplayer experience without any barriersMillions of Weapons: enjoy shotguns that launch missiles, revolvers that set fire to enemies, SMGs that fire incendiary bullets, and much moreRadical Art Style - A new visual style that combines traditional rendering techniques, with hand-drawn textures to give a new and colourful twist to the first-person shooter genreIntense Combat in Vehicles - Hold on tight to the wheel and engage in intense combat between vehicles
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age: PEGI 18,ESBR Mature
platform: Steam
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