Borderlands 3: Season Pass 2 (PC) - Steam Key - RU/CIS

Borderlands 3: Season Pass 2 (PC) - Steam Key - RU/CIS
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Enhance Borderlands 3 with the content add-ons of Season Pass 2, featuring new modes and missions, a fourth skill tree for each Vault Hunter, and unique cosmetic outfits!Designer's CutExpand your Borderlands 3 experience with the Designer's Cut add-on content! The all-new Arms Race mode is an endlessly replayable gauntlet set in a hidden military complex on Pandora, challenging you to gear up your Vault Hunter from scratch and extract the best loot you find or die trying. You'll need to think fast and kill faster to claim Arms Race's exclusive new Legendary gear before the whole area gets obliterated by an encroaching, extremely lethal storm. Outside of Arms Race mode, owning Designer's Cut grants access to an additional skill tree for each Vault Hunter character class, complete with fresh Action Skills to mix up your playstyle. With the huge range of new character builds incorporating these unique skill trees, the possibilities for how you want to exterminate your foes are endless.Multiverse Final Form Cosmetic PacksThe Multiverse Final Form Cosmetics Packs imagine what the heroes of Borderlands 3 would've looked like if they never became Vault Hunters! You'll get a Multiverse Final Form Cosmetic Pack for every playable character, including "Partali Renegade" Amara, "Grand Archivist" FL4K, "Commissar Andreyevna" Moze, and "Assassin One" Zane. Each pack contains a one-of-a-kind Vault Hunter Body and a new Vault Hunter Head.
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