Blood Bowl 2 - Official Expansion + Team Pack Steam Key GLOBAL

Blood Bowl 2 - Official Expansion + Team Pack Steam Key GLOBAL
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This product includes:Blood Bowl 2 - Chaos Dwarfs,Blood Bowl 2 - Khemri,Blood Bowl 2 - Lizardmen,Blood Bowl 2 - Necromantic,Blood Bowl 2 - Norse,Blood Bowl 2 - Nurgle,Blood Bowl 2 - Official Expansion,Blood Bowl 2 - Undead,Blood Bowl 2 - Wood ElvesExtend your Blood Bowl 2 gaming experience with the Blood Bowl 2: Official Expansion. The Blood Bowl 2: Official Expansion features 8 new races: Halflings, Ogres, Goblins, Vampires, Amazon, Elven Union, Underworld Denizens, as well as a new race to the Blood Bowl world, the Kislev Circus and their ferocious Tame Bears! These races bring with them their unique Star Players and a new Khemri stadium, located at the base of their imposing pyramids.Experience new game modes such as the new solo Eternal League, or the new Challenge mode. For the first time in the history of Blood Bowl, spice up your matches with teams made up from a combination of different races, or go wild and lead a team of All-Star Players!A wealth of new features and options for multiplayer will expand the possibilities offered to communicate with other players, create, set up and customize your online leagues and competitions.
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