Black Sun Rise Optimist Mug

Black Sun Rise Optimist Mug
The Label Life
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Our FIRST ever collaboration with Starbucks brings you a collection of elevated lifestyle essentials, inspired by joyous mornings and the era of art deco. And those three words, 'Here’s to joy' on the inside of the cup serve as a gentle reminder to start your day on an optimistic note.
Sold individually.
Matte black glazeDecal metallic goldInside decalMicrowave & dishwasher safeWash with soft cloth, sponge and mild detergentClean all parts with hot soapy water before using. Rinse thoroughly and turn upside down to dryWash with soft cloth, sponge and mild detergentDo not use cleaners containing bleach or chlorineDo not use a steel brush or polishing agent for cleansingClean the mug with water under 40 celcius degrees, do not soak itDo not use the mug in the ovenDo not freezeDrastic changes of temperature might cause breakageDo not use finger nail, coin, spoon or any hard, sharp objects to scratch or knock the mug surface, it may damage the mug.
10 oz
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