Battle Ion VR Steam Key GLOBAL

Battle Ion VR Steam Key GLOBAL
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For generations your peaceful home planet Arcana has existed in harmony with its neighbors. But one fateful day the Krollarians attacked. They began warping hostile ships into orbit around your peaceful planet overwhelming and destroying all its defences save for one orbital station. As commander of that station, use in-game virtual reality (That’s right, virtual, virtual reality!) to survey the battlefield and target enemies. An easy to master, gaze based system allows you to effortlessly target and attack incoming hostile ships with a quick glance and pull of the trigger.Aiding in your defense of the station is an upgradable automated turret that unleashes a storm of laser power at anything hostile that gets to close.Battle Ion will have you blasting a wide variety of enemy ships, hostile space stations and more, while collecting upgrades and shield power. Get your high score on our leaderboards and prove you’re the hero your planet needs.Battle Ion features• Lots of enemy ships with different attack styles• Fast paced space combat• A spectacular battlefield• Upgradable weapons• Leaderboards• A bangin soundtrack!
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platform: Steam
product_id: 853836
productid: 853836
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