Battery Pack+Left Wheel+Right Wheel

Battery Pack+Left Wheel+Right Wheel
sku: BUNDLE-T2908061-1-T2108111-85-1-T2108111-86-1
Shipping from: United States
Includes one 2600mAh Li-ion battery, one left wheel and one right wheel (with the vacuum upside down)
Compatible with RoboVac 11, 11C, 11S,11S PLUS,11S MAX,12,15C,15C MAX,15T,25C,30,30C ,30C MAX, 35C, 25C Max, G10 Hybrid,G30,G30 Edge, G30 Hybrid, G30 Verge, R500, R450, G15, G20, G20 Hybrid, G35+, G40+, G40 Hybrid+, G32 Pro
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