Banggood E-Gift Card.

Banggood E-Gift Card.
sku: 1866066
Shipping from: China
1 Purchase of Gift Card1 1 When you place an order to purchase the gift card we need to ensure your payment method is safe and secure The verification process is estimated to take 1 3 working days The actual time depends on the payment method you select 1 2 If the payment method can t be verified your order will be canceled and the refund will be returned to you 2 Gift Card RedemptionYou may enter the gift card number and PIN code during checkout The amount will be deducted from the gift card If the payable balance is more than the gift card balance you may select other payment methods to pay for the remaining amount During checkout we ll automatically convert the currency of the order amount to the currency of your gift card balance for the transaction 3 Gift Card Information and BalanceYou may check your gift card information and balance in your account The balance of your gift card can be used on Banggood to purchase products 4 Use Limitation of Gift Card4 1 The gift card can only be used on Banggood website and only be activated used in the country where the gift card was purchased For example you can activate use the gift card only on Banggood USA where you purchased it and it can t be activated used on the site of other countries 4 2 The gift card and its balance cannot be used to purchase another gift card the gift card cannot be added credit and resold the gift card cannot be used for advertising marketing sweepstakes promotions or any other co
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