BPS 3600 Battery Backup w/ 4 AGM batteries & 2 Solar PV panels

BPS 3600 Battery Backup w/ 4 AGM batteries & 2 Solar PV panels
BPS - Back up Power Source
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TheBPS 3600 4-AGM 2PV Solar Power Package is a complete renewable energy and emergency backup power system that is complete with everything needed to be up and running with a self sufficient alternative and renewable energy system. In the event of a power failure, the system will detect and instantly power critical loads for extended outages using its 3600 watts continuous power output rating and four batteries. Extending backup run time is possible by connecting to a fossil-fuel generator. The system includes two 200 watt (or greater) high quality solar panels with a mounting rack, solar charge controller, cabling and fusing, inverter/charger and four high capacity specialized batteries.Common Applications: security systems, furnace fans, refrigeration, computers, sump pumps, phone systems, and other 120 or 240 VAC appliances. Features & Benifits Automatic power loss detection, instant backup power Quality modified sine output, safe for appliances and computers Backup power up to 48 hours* Ultra-quiet operation Hardwire installation into existing electrical system Compatible with solar, wind, and hydro power systems Compatible with external generators for battery charging Compact design, installed inside home or business 2 year limited warranty. Made in U.S.A.
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