BONELAB (PC) - Steam Account - GLOBAL

BONELAB (PC) - Steam Account - GLOBAL
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Bonelab VR is an action video game developed and released by Stress Level Zero in 2022 for Oculus Quest 2 and PC VR. The title is a sequel to the popular Boneworks game from 2019 and quickly won recognition among users of virtual reality headsets. Enjoy the continuation of the enigmatic Boneworks gameplay - in a new, better version! Get ready for new maps, enemies, mod support, more challenges, and fantastic visuals. If you are looking for action games like SUPERHOT or Half-Life: Alyx - consider playing this title. Gameplay You are an outcast doomed to die trying to navigate your escape route in a mysterious lab located in the sandbox underground of the MythOS virtual world. After the prologue, decide whether you want to launch the story campaign or have fun with the many mini-games scattered in this world. You will find many intriguing activities like the arena or parkour. But if you crave a campaign - get ready. You must solve a series of challenging puzzles to even start the game! The gameplay focuses on exploring an underground research facility in search of various weapons, items, and clues. The Bonelab video game features an improved physics system, guaranteeing a high realism level. On your way, you will go through various realistic or experimental maps, concealing several mysterious challenges that can vary in difficulty. But to make these tasks a bit easier, use the avatar change system to play as whoever you want! Key features: Play the massively popular Boneworks sequel Explore a mysterious underground facility and experiment with physics Have fun with a variety of mini-games, or continue straight to the campaign Discover a revolutionary system of changing avatars with unique skills Collect weapons and items to fight new types of enemies
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