Azad Kashmere Skyline Diffuser, 1000ml, Multicolour

Azad Kashmere Skyline Diffuser, 1000ml, Multicolour
sku: 215091371_195
Shipping from: United Arab Emirates
The Azad Kashmere scent is inspired by impervious spaces of the mountains and the immense valleys found in Kashmir, the land between Pakistan, China and India. Azad means “Free”: this is a fragrance for those who want to feel without constraints, a fragrance with a delicate scent that goes well with every space and is part of the Locherber collection inspired by fabrics such as Dokki Cotton and Linen Buds.
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all_sizes_skus: 215091389
Color: Multicolour
finalprice: 975 SAR
gender: male
options_percentage: 100
product_season: Continuity
sizes_of_all_skus: One Size
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