Avatar Aang Portable Insulated Water Bottle - White

Avatar Aang Portable Insulated Water Bottle - White
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Take on the might of the Fire Nation and exiled Prince Zuko with this awesome Avatar: The Last Airbender collection. Revived from a century of suspended animation, Aang awakens to a world still plagued by the aspirations of fire Nation rulers. Setting out on his pilgrimage to learn each of the four elemental styles - water, earth, fire and air - he must evade capture, unite the people of the world and bring about peace.Avatar: The Last Airbender is the critically acclaimed American animated series focussed on Aang, an Avatar tasked with uniting the four nations of his world. Each nation deals with one of the spiritual elements - Fire, Earth, Water and Air, and each have a challenging relationship with the others to overcome. Dealing with heavier topics than usual in animation, such as war and free choice, Avatar won widespread recognition, praise and a host of awards. This range celebrates the best features and most beloved characters from the show, with exclusive designs including Aang, Sokka and more.These stylish metal water bottles are perfect for your on-the-go hydration needs.Product Specification: Compact and lightweight construction Dimensions: 200mm x 72mm Stainless steel
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