Atlantic Quest Solitaire Steam Key GLOBAL

Atlantic Quest Solitaire Steam Key GLOBAL
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Clowny and Sharky never seem to find a single moment to relax – right after the last adventure their only plan is to rest their weary scales, when suddenly right in front of their eyes an entire ship sinks to the bottom of the ocean! Of course, that's something no deep sea dweller could just ignore, so off they are to an all-new maritime adventure to find out more about the disaster. During the game you don't just turn over cards, but also help our aspiring amateur sleuths getting their fins on the sinister forces behind the accident and put them behind bars. In this brain-twisting solitaire adventure at the bottom of the sea you'll enjoy lovingly detailed comic-style underwater worlds, cool characters and awesome dialogues. Using 10 power up cards, which you can get by trading in valuable pearls, you can show the bad guys what you're made of and push your highscore to new heights. Key features:Entertaining card game at the bottom of the sea More than 70 brain-twisting levels 10 mighty power-up cards Challenging boss battles Funny deep sea casino
platform: Steam
priceplus: 379.00
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