Arena Renovation (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

Arena Renovation (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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In Arena Renovation, you take on the role of a one-man renovation team tasked with restoring various sports facilities to their former glory. Many of them have been destroyed as a result of time or lack of care. Don't let them go into complete oblivion - roll up your sleeves and breathe new life into them!First JobIn the Early Access game is very playable in terms of mechanics and performance, offering lots of entertainment. Nothing important is missing, but in future there will be more sport facilities, shop items and mechanics that will make game more attractive. You can always check our prologue "Arena Renovation - First Job" and check if you like it.A lot work to doThe game offers a variety of tasks such as painting walls, renovating floors, replacing broken chairs, repairing electrical wiring, etc. In addition, you can fill each arena with hundreds of different items that are waiting for you in the game. Each of the tasks requires different skills and tools, so the player must use their knowledge and experience to carefully assess the needs of the facility and adjust their actions.EnjoyArena Renovation is an addictive game that requires accuracy, skill and patience. This is a game for people who enjoy designing, renovating and bringing dilapidated objects back to life. The game offers many challenges and tasks that require creativity, manual dexterity and budget planning, which makes it a great game for people who like to combine fun with learning practical skills.
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