Ancient Warfare: The Han Dynasty (PC) - Steam Account - GLOBAL

Ancient Warfare: The Han Dynasty (PC) - Steam Account - GLOBAL
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The Han Dynasty was established by Emperor Gaozu of Han. He commanded the army to attack Xiongnu in the north, set up Frontier Command Headquarter to defend the borders of Western Regions, and ensured people’s peaceful and prosperous life.However, the dregs of Xiongnu attacked Western Regions in force when Central Plains was weakening. They occupied Frontier Command Headquarter and enslaved thousands of people nearby...Now it’s your turn to command Expeditionary Army of Han. Set off from Yumen Pass, collect compatriots’ bodies in sand, and expel invaders of Xiongnu. This journey is bound to be filled with sacrifices, struggles, desires and discomforts. Which kind of strategy will you choose, endless conquest or political art?Key FeaturesFIGHT HARD IN WESTERN REGIONS - Countless warriors answered the call of Han. After strict training, they set off to Western Regions from Yumen Pass under the command, vowing to defend the borders of Han.WITNESS GRAND BATTLEFIELDS - Thousands of soldiers can be accommodated in one battlefield. Command them in real time, devise strategies, control the game, and defeat enemies finally.MAKE A STRONGER EMPIRE - Recover cities and territories once controlled by Frontier Command Headquarter. Establish friendly relations with lords in Western Regions and confront Xiongnu with them.TRAIN SOLDIERS - Collect or produce equipment, train troops and choose the most appropriate arms to respond to complex battlefields.CONFRONT ENEMIES WITH STRATEGIES - Different arms and unstable environments call for a wiser commander. Think twice when developing strategies and commanding operations.ENJOY A STUNNING ART STYLE - Enjoy the stunning art style of Chinese Ink Painting while playing this game.EXPERIENCE A GREAT EXPEDITION - Fulfill the unrealized dream of Han. Start on an expedition to the north or Kushan Empire. Rebuild the order in Western Regions and Central Asia.
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