American Truck Simulator Gold Edition Steam Key PC GLOBAL

American Truck Simulator Gold Edition Steam Key PC GLOBAL
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American Truck Simulator is a business and vehicle simulation video game developed by SCS Software and published by the same company in February 2016. The game allows you to sit behind the wheel of many different trucks from real truck manufacturers and to work for the various in-game fictional companies by safely delivering tons of different cargos across the United States.American Truck Simulator Gold Edition ContentsGold Edition of the game contains the base game, as well as the New Mexico DLC, which extends the playable area by a new U.S state of the titular New Mexico. As such you will be able to admire its unique landscape of monumental rock formations and natural landmarks, such as the Rio Grande and Baylor Peak. New Mexico DLC comes with new cities, industries, and achievements to unlock, not to mention over 4 thousand miles of new roads.Product includes the following itemsAmerican Truck Simulator (base game)American Truck Simulator - New Mexico Map DLCWheel Tuning Pack DLCSteering Creations Pack DLCStoryThe game does not feature a story. It’s a sandbox game, where you are free to pick whatever job you find the most profitable and drive the truck in order to safely deliver the selected cargo on time.GameplayAmerican Truck Simulator plays very similarly to other popular truck simulation game from SCS Software, Euro Truck Simulator 2. As such you will be able to make money on delivering cargos to certain fictional companies, but this time you will do so in the USA, instead of Europe.Delivering on time and without damaging the cargo rewards you with more money and experience points. The former can be spent on customizing and tuning your truck in detail, while the latter allows your driver to earn experience levels, leading to upgrade certain abilities. Earned money can also be spent on hiring new workers, providing you with a passive income. In order to house their trucks, you can also purchase garages.ReceptionAmerican Truck Simulator for PC received very positive reviews. Reviewers praised the realistic driving model and the American setting, as opposed to the other popular truck simulation game from the same company, Euro Truck Simulator 2, where players were presented with the European region. Reviewers noted the amount of freedom players are given from the beginning, as well as the detailed graphics and realistic traffic.
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