AUGIENB Facial Massage Jade Roller Face Slim Massager

AUGIENB Facial Massage Jade Roller Face Slim Massager
sku: 1424779
Shipping from: China
Specifications:Material: jadeDimensions (approximately): 14.5 cm * 5 cm (max. Roller massager) * 2 cm (minimum roller massager)Quantity: 1Application:1.First, before the massage Take a massage tool and clean the face. Facial massage with a large jade roll, bottom up, push the skin in the direction of growth. This can be done to improve the skin and avoid sagging muscles.2.Eye massage, with a small jade roll, from the inside to the outside, clockwise massage. You can reduce eye lines. It can also prevent wrinkles.3.The action should be a gentle massage. Wrinkles do not enhance the roll slowly soothes. Massage once a day, every 10-15 minutes. Also, when Cavan skin care, massage tool can be placed in hot water heating device, then massage to help expand the pores, accelerate the absorption of the skin.4.Finally, put the massage fee in the fridge and then freeze something that can help shrink pores. But we must pay attention to the control of temperature and cold.Special note: the product may have a slight difference in color, veins and lines, because it is a natural material. Size and weight are approximate.Package Includeds:1 x face jade for massage roller
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