ARK: Genesis Season Pass Steam Gift GLOBAL

ARK: Genesis Season Pass Steam Gift GLOBAL
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Genesis is a downloadable content expansion pack for Ark: Survival Evolved. It includes fifth ad fourth DLC released for the title. The expansion packs introduce a new, volcanic region, a possibility to build a base on the hell of a giant sea turtle, and other features, items and creatures to the original game, including HLN-A – a brand new AI companion.Gameplay in a prehistoric settingGameplay-wise, ARKGenesis remain the same as the core game. The player creates their in-game avatar and embarks on a quest for survival in an unknown place, filled with prehistoric creatures to be hunted or tamed. A:SE emphasizes crafting mechanics, with the player having to gather resources and build everything from scratch, including clothing, tools, shelter, etc.Downloadable content additionsGenesis expansion packs present the player with a new volcanic location to explore. The DLCs add several new items, like a fishing net and tek claws, new animals, among them a giant sea turtle and other marine beasts, and more. Another addition is HLN-A, a new AI companion for the player, which will give them bits of story, tasks to perform and missions to accomplish. Story of survivalYou wake up on an unknown island, with no memory of how you got there. Your task is to survive in this new environment by building shelter, collecting resources, hunting or taming the dinosaurs that roam this place. In time you will find out who or what brought you there. For now, all that matters is survival.ReceptionArk: Survival Evolved – Genesis received positive reviews from the player base. The gamers enjoyed the new additions to the fauna, especially the floating sea turtle, on the shell of which players can build a base.The All New Genesis Season Pass includes:ARK: Genesis Part 1 (available December 2019)ARK: Genesis Part 2 (available Winter 2020)
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