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THE GAMEExplore and experience a fully immersive world as you embark on an ghostly adventure unlike anything you have played before. Come face-to-face with terror itself as you navigate around a haunted house, underground caverns, caves, and an old decrepit morgue. But beware: some mysteries are better left alone.SYNOPSISYour sister Michelle, is missing. All you have to go by is a letter that was sent to you by post. The letter is a plea for help; it begs for you to return to the home you grew up in, and to save her from the strange occurrences that have been plaguing her over the past few months.THE FIRST 5 MINUTES OF THE GAMEWhen you begin, you have entered your sister’s house. Rain pours down from the heavens and distant sounds of thunder and lightning can be heard. You struggle to breathe as you take your first step forward in to the darkness. Brace yourself, things are not what they seem.FEATURESA UNIQUE HORROR EXPERIENCE: Designed to provide a true VR psychological horror experience. The game will consistently aim to unnerve the player, and will change the landscape and direction as you play. Nothing is as it seems, and nothing can be trusted. INTERACTION: The game features true immersion by allowing you to interact with around 80% of the items in game.INTUITIVE CONTROLS: Move using the touch-pad. No immersion breaking teleportation control scheme.JUMP SCARES AND FRIGHTS: The game has been designed to take full advantage of VR. Many scares await you in this haunted location. You have been warned.DYNAMIC CHANGING WORLD: As you move around the world, paranormal events happen consistently. Brace yourself for anything to happen, and at any time.ATMOSPHERIC SOUND: Provides a perfect soundtrack which enhances game-play, immersion and tension.MULTIPLE ENDINGS: A tense story with 4 endings, that leaves you yearning to explore every nook and cranny.GRAPHICS: Designed to run fluently on most machines capable of playing VR games.Note: This game has been designed for Virtual Reality, and as such, persons suffering a weak heart may be effected.
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