ALCTRON MA616 Microphone Cantilever Bracket Professional Broadcast Live Bracket

ALCTRON MA616 Microphone Cantilever Bracket Professional Broadcast Live Bracket
sku: 1775680
Shipping from: China
Specifications:SizeXSMXLUpper arm length26cm36.5cm52cmLower arm length26cm36.5cm52cmMaximum load2.5kg2.3kg2kgThickness of clamping block1-50mm1-50mm1-50mmMicrophone adjustable angle55°-265°55°-265°55°-265°Adjustable angle of upper bracket arm30°-180°30°-180°30°-180°Adjustable angle of lower bracket arm30°-180°30°-180°30°-180°Package Included:1 x MA616 Cantilever Bracket(Not include microphone)1 x Mic Female Cable1 x USB Cable1 x C-type Base1 x Column Base1 x User ManualFeatures:Full-tube design, get rid of the traditional tension spring support method; the thick and large cantilever brings you a new experience, simple but not simple.Gear-type fixed knob, the rotation node can be adjusted; easy to fine-tune the angle, feel comfortable, and fix more firmly.The innovative heavy-duty internal suspension system, plus internal wiring; balanced transmission, filtering noise signals; overall elegant and generous, tidy up messy cables.Red, blue, and purple adjustment buttons, adjust the colors you like according to actual needs so that the anchor room is full of focus.The power supply of LED indicator is diversified, using a computer USB interface, mobile phone charger interface, power bank, and other USB interface devices.The MA616 cantilever bracket has a full-body metal design, and different models have different overweight capacity; three different sizes (small, medium, and large), you can choose according to your needs.According to different usage environments, there are two ways
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