AD8309 5-500MHz 100dB Detector Logarithmic Amplifier Power Meter

AD8309 5-500MHz 100dB Detector Logarithmic Amplifier Power Meter
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Product description The AD8309 is a 500 MHz detector logarithmic amplifier based on successive detection techniques for Received Signal Strength Indication RSSI and Phase Detection in cellular base stations radars and other radio transceiver applications The device offers 100 dB of dynamic range with0 4 dB accuracy over the mid 80 dB range and operating frequencies up to 500 MHz The logarithmic output is proportional to the logarithm of the input signal and provides a 0 4 V to 2 5 V DC signal over a 100 dB input range The device also offers limiter output that amplifies the input signal by 100 dB and provides a stable limited output with a maximum phase deviation of100 ps This limiter output is useful for demodulating FSK and PSK modulated signals The AD8309 operates from a single 2 7 V to 5 5 V DC power supply and typically consumes 20 mA and is available in a 16 lead plastic TSSOP package Technical characteristicsComplete multi level log amplitude IF amplifier100 dB Dynamic Range 78 dBm to 22 dBm Re 50 O Programmable Limiter Gain and Output Current Differential Outputs to 10 mA 2 4 V pp Total Gain 100 dB Bandwidth 500 MHzConstant phase typical delay deviation 680 ps Power on time 500 ns Sleep current 1 mARSSI scaling does not vary with temperature and supply voltage Slope 20 mV dB Intercept 95 dBmRSSI Linearity 0 4 dB to200 MHz Single Supply 2 7 V to 6 5 V Current 16 mA typ Fully differential input input resistance RIN 1 K CIN
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