SwingClick PLUS Golf Swing Aid

SwingClick PLUS Golf Swing Aid
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SwingClick PLUS Golf Swing Aid Features:

  • The NEW Swingclick PLUS has a sleeker design that complements the natural flow of the swing. The strap is more adjustable and flexible, making it one-size-fits-all. It can be twisted so that you can set it for your individual backswing.
  • The secret to great rhythm is finishing your backswing and the key to finishing your backswing, is knowing where the top of your swing is, on a consistent basis. The SwingClick PLUS will help you with both.
  • A great transition is a key to consistent ball striking. By smoothing out your transition and finishing your backswing, you create time in your swing for your club head to get back to square at impact, resulting in more consistent ball striking.
  • The device clicks at the top of the backswing, giving you audio feedback to get into the same position at the top of your backswing every time. This is your No.1 Drill!
  • The 2nd click is heard at impact confirming your transition is smooth and follows into a 3rd click when you have finished in a balanced position
  • It's simple and easy to use and works for everyone, from pros to beginners (right handed and left handed). It can be used on a driving range, on a course in a social game and indoors, with or without clubs.
  • Note for Teaching Professionals: Learning to swing the club at the right speed, speeds up the learning process. This device allows you to get your message across with a lot more ease, because your student is swinging at the correct speed to allow you to make the technique changes you require.
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