Garmin Approach Z80 Golf Laser Rangefinder - 2018

Garmin Approach Z80 Golf Laser Rangefinder - 2018
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Garmin Approach Z80 laser rangefinder with GPS - the most accurate laser range finder available.

Image stabilization, accuracy to within 10" of the pin, and a full-color display of the hole you're playing distinguish the Approach Z80 Golf Laser Range Finder from Garmin. Full-color 2D CourseView mapping is overlaid on the viewfinder for more than 41,000 courses worldwide, displaying distance to the pin and front and rear of the green, along with hazards, par information for each hole, and even the direction to the pin when lining up blind shots. Image stabilization reduces shakiness and makes it easier to find and range the flag. The PlaysLike Distance feature adjusts distances based on uphill or downhill slope; it can be turned on or off for tournament play. The 6x magnification rangefinder employs an eye-safe class 1 laser. It fits comfortably in your hand, is micro-USB rechargeable, and will run up to 15 hours on a full charge. Performance

  • 6x magnification
  • Rotate bezel to focus lens
  • Class 1 eye-safe laser
  • Diopter adjustment ±4
  • Full-color OLED display
  • Tournament mode to turn off non-compliant features Rangefinder
  • Measurement range: 5.5-350 yards
  • Measurement accuracy: ±10"
  • Image stabilization makes finds and ranging flag easier
  • Display in yards or meters
  • Locks onto flag
  • Displays distance to front, center, and back of green
  • Displays distance to hazards
  • PlaysLike Distance takes uphill or downhill slopes into account GPS and Maps
  • More than 41,000 preloaded course maps
  • 2-D course maps displayed in viewfinder
  • Green View (automatic when laser ranging the flag)
  • Distances to hazards and layups
  • Distances to front, center and back of green
  • Drive distance arc
  • Free course updates
  • Auto hole transition
  • Par information for each hole
  • Auto zoom
  • PinPointer (for lining up blind shots)
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