Cobra King F8 Complete Golf Set - 2018

Cobra King F8 Complete Golf Set - 2018
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BasePrice: 999.99
Club Member: No;Yes Discount(-$20.00)
Free Dozen Balls: Callaway SuperSoft
LocalizedBasePrice: 999.99
LocalizedOrigPrice: 1200.99
LocalizedSalePrice: 999.99
Optional Cobra King 2018 Stand Bag: Black(+$172.00);Grey(+$172.00);No Thanks
Optional King F8 Hybrid: No Thanks;RightHand 2H Black Regular(+$160.00);RightHand 2H Black Stiff(+$160.00);RightHand 3H Black Regular(+$160.00);RightHand 3H Black Senior(+$160.00);RightHand 3H Black Stiff(+$160.00);RightHand 4H Black Regular(+$160.00);RightHand 4H Black Senior(+$160.00);RightHand 4H Black Stiff(+$160.00);RightHand 5H Black Regular(+$160.00);RightHand 5H Black Senior(+$160.00);RightHand 5H Black Stiff(+$160.00)
OrigPrice: 1200.99
Select Driver: RightHand Black Regular;RightHand Black Senior;RightHand Black Stiff;RightHand Black X-Stiff;RightHand Grey Regular;RightHand Grey Senior;RightHand Grey Stiff;RightHand Grey X-Stiff;Select King F8 Driver Specs
Select Fairway Wood: RightHand 3W/4W Black Regular;RightHand 3W/4W Black Senior;RightHand 3W/4W Black Stiff;RightHand 3W/4W Grey Regular;RightHand 3W/4W Grey Senior;RightHand 3W/4W Grey Stiff;RightHand 5W/6W Black Regular;RightHand 5W/6W Black Senior;RightHand 5W/6W Black Stiff;RightHand 5W/6W Grey Regular;RightHand 5W/6W Grey Senior;RightHand 5W/6W Grey Stiff;RightHand 7W/8W Black Regular;RightHand 7W/8W Black Senior;RightHand 7W/8W Grey Regular;RightHand 7W/8W Grey Senior;Select King F8 Fairway Specs
Select Iron Set: 6-PW;GW Graphite-Regular(+$150);GW Graphite-Regular(+$70);GW Graphite-Senior(+$150);GW Graphite-Senior(+$70);GW Graphite-Stiff(+$150);GW Graphite-Stiff(+$70);GW Steel-Regular;GW Steel-Regular(+$80);GW Steel-Stiff;GW Steel-Stiff(+$80);RightHand 5-PW;RightHand 5H;Select King F8 Iron Specs
Taxable: YES

Save A Lot By Designing Your Own Complete Cobra King F8 Golf Set - 2018!

The new Cobra King F8 woods and irons are revolutionizing the golf equipment world with their distance, feel adjustability and their looks. Take advantage of this great opportunity to build your entire set with these new clubs and save a lot of money while you're at it. Purchase this set now and receive a free dozen Callaway SuperSoft Golf Balls.
Callaway Supersoft Balls

Full 2018 Cobra King F8 Set Includes:

  • Cobra King F8 Driver: MSRP $399.99
  • Cobra King F8 Fairway Wood: MSRP $249.99
  • Cobra King F8 Hybrid (Optional): MSRP $199.99
  • Cobra King F8 Iron 7 pc Set-Steel: MSRP $799.99
  • Cobra King 2018 Stand Bag (Optional): MSRP $199.99
  • Callaway SuperSoft Golf Balls: MSRP $39.99
  • TOTAL : MSRP $1449.99

    Cobra King F8 Driver - 2018

    Cobra F8 Driver


    Golf is a game of advancement. And this year, we've advanced it to a level the industry has never seen. Giving players the technology to perform at their absolute best. To crush drives longer and straighter than ever. This is technology, not mythology. This is innovation, not imitation. This is all smoke and no mirrors. This is how we own the future of golf. The KING F8 driver features an oversized address profile that increases MOI and provides more distance, forgiveness and speed on off-center hits. An adjustable weight system offers two Center of Gravity (CG) settings: one in the back for a higher, towering ball flight and one in the heel to provide additional draw bias. Cobra KING F8 Driver - 2018 Features: Cobra Connect™ Technology Powered by Arccos, Cobra Connect™ allows golfers to track their performance electronically to improve their game. INTRODUCING THE FIRST CNC PRECISION MILLED FACE
    Golf's first CNC precision milled forged titanium driver face with E9 technology is thinner, hotter, and more precise. PRECISION FACE THICKNESS. MORE SPEED
    Compared to hand-polished drivers, CNC machining yields more precise thicknesses resulting in a thinner and hotter face that increases ball speed and distance. OPTIMIZED TRAJECTORIES WITH DUAL ROLL
    Unlike traditional drivers designed with a constant roll radius, COBRA's innovative Dual Roll Technology utilizes different curvatures on the top and bottom of the face to optimize launch and spin for shots hit above or below face center. 360 AERO. NEXT LEVEL SPEED
    Innovative crown and sole aero trips optimize aerodynamic performance for faster clubhead speeds and increased distance. WHERE AERO MATTERS
    Distance is dependant on club speed. The addition of aero trips and a more streamlined shape is important to reduce drag in areas of the swing where speed is lost. The aero trips are strategically positioned relative to the orientation of the airflow, speed, and drag through the swing to increase clubhead speed for maximum distance. ADJUSTABLE CG. GET DIALED IN. ULTRALIGHT CARBON FIBER CROWN

    Cobra King F8 Fairway Wood - 2018

    Smarter, faster and more forgiving, the Cobra KING F8 Fairway Wood enables playability from all lies. A variable thickness E9 SS Face Insert maximizes speed and distance, while the progressive Baffler Dual Rails ensure optimal turf interaction. 360° Aero Technology employs lightweight polymer trips on the crown and titanium trips on the sole to elevate aerodynamics. The ultralight Carbon Fiber Crown moves the CG low for high-launching forgiveness. Cobra Connect™ Technology Powered by Arccos, Cobra Connect™ allows golfers to track their performance electronically to improve their game.
  • Smarter, faster and more forgiving design combines with Tour-preferred shaping for superior performance
  • Back fixed weight shifts Center of Gravity back to promote higher, towering trajectories with greater forgiveness
  • Ultralight Carbon Fiber Crown saves discretionary weight to move CG lower and deeper for high flight and forgiveness
  • Progressive Baffler Dual Rail System utilizes shallower or steeper rails depending on loft and attack angle for versatility
  • MyFly8 features 8 adjustable loft settings to maximize distance and trajectory
  • Smart Rail keeps the face square at address, regardless of loft setting
  • Grip: Lamkin REL with Cobra Connect, powered by Arccos KING F8 vs. KING F8+
  • Additional fixed weighting strategically positions the CG for tuned trajectory, playability and spin control
  • KING F8 features back weighting, which moves the CG back to promote higher launch and greater forgiveness
  • KING F8+ features front weighting, which moves the CG forward to promote lower launch and greater workability Next Level Speed: 360° Aero Technology
  • Crown and sole aero trips optimize aerodynamic performance for faster club head speeds and increased distance
  • Aero Trips strategically positioned relative to orientation of airflow, speed and drag for increased club head speed
  • Lightweight polymer trips on crown and titanium trips on sole optimize aerodynamic performance, CG and speed
  • More streamlined head shape combines with Aero Trips to reduce drag in areas of swing where speed is lost
  • Low drag gives golfers more club head speed, which ultimately translates into more distance Forged, Variable Thickness E9 Stainless Steel Face
  • Engineered to maximize face flex upon impact for increased ball speeds and explosive distance
  • More precise face thicknesses result in a thinner, hotter face that enables elevated performance
  • Larger Sweet Zone delivers greater forgiveness, especially on impacts above or below center Cobra Connect, Powered by Arccos: Distance Through Data
  • Seamlessly integrated Arccos sensor in the butt end of the grip helps golfers track their performance
  • Provides detailed analysis of your distance/accuracy, and access to an Advanced GPS system for 40,000+ courses worldwide
  • Your shot is automatically recorded and the total distance is calculated as you hit your second shot
  • Review stats post round to analyze performance, including longest drive, average distance and fairways hit
  • Share best shots and compete against playing partners, friends and the COBRA CONNECT™ worldwide community

    Cobra King F8 Iron Set or Hybrid/Iron Combo Set- 2017

    Cobra F8 Iron Set

    Cobra King F8 Irons - Cobra's Best Progressive Irons

    Cobra King F8 Irons - Steel - 2018 Features: FORGED PWRSHELL WITH E9 TECH
    Featuring COBRA's patented E9 TechnologyTM, an all-new forged PWRSHELLTM face construction delivers driver-like speed and distance. CARBON FEEL TECHNOLOGY.
    A multi-material carbon fiber construction damps vibrations at impact for exceptional sound and feel through the set. Cobra Connect™ Technology Powered by Arccos, Cobra Connect™ allows golfers to track their performance electronically to improve their game. Lower Profile Construction
    A lower profile clubhead design lowers CG for higher launch and more clubhead speed. Tailored Performance
    Advanced construction technologies combine to create the ultimate progressive irons that deliver tailored performance through the set. Optimized CG's
    Variable hosel lengths strategically position the CG for optimum launch, speed and forgiveness through the set. Lower profile long irons with shorter hosels lower the CG for improved launch and forgiveness. Progressively taller hosels in the mid to scoring irons raise CG for improved control and accuracy on approach shots. Milled Grooves. Spin Redefined.
    CNC milling delivers more precise groove structures resulting in optimum spin and trajectory characteristics for the long irons, mid to scoring irons and wedges.

    Cobra King F8 Hybrids - 2018 (Optional)

    Cobra F8 Hybrids

    The KING F8 Hybrid features faster and more forgiving Baffler® Rails that deliver maximum playability from all lies. Smarter. Faster. More Forgiving. Baffler Technology delivers maximum playability from all lies. Tour preferred shape for maximum workability. Cobra KING F8 Hybrid - 2018 Features: FORGED 455 STAINLESS STEEL FACE
    Thin, high-strength stainless steel maximizes face flex for increased ball speeds and distance. BAFFLER DUAL RAIL SYSTEM
    COBRA's Baffler Rail Technology provides improved versatility and forgiveness from any lie. BACK CG POSITION
    A fixed back weight positioned low and back promotes a high, towering ball flight for maximum carry distance and forgiveness. MULTI-DIRECTIONAL CROWN AERO
    Innovative polymer aero trips positioned on the crown optimize aerodynamic performance while maintaining a low CG for faster clubhead speeds and more distance.

    Cobra King Stand Bag - 2018 (Optional)

    Cobra King Stand Bag

    COBRA's KING Stand Bag features a durable, lightweight design with a 14-way top with designated full-length club dividers with a top grab handle. With 9 pockets, including an insulated beverage pocket and zippered cooler pocket, you'll never be without an accessory or beverage you might need during your round. Cobra King Stand Bag - 2018 FEATURES

  • 14-way top with designated full length club dividers and top grab handle
  • Oversized apparel pocket with key clip
  • Fleece lined valuables pocket
  • Insulated beverage pocket and zippered cooler pocket
  • Quick release shoulder straps and hip pad wiith COOLFLOW foam
  • EasyFlex base for maximum ground contact
  • Customizable ball pocket
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