800m Range Search Gold Metal Underground Detection Locator Detector Scanner

800m Range Search Gold Metal Underground Detection Locator Detector Scanner
sku: 1126968
Shipping from: China
Features: -The strongest product kernel, intelligent modular operation -Powerful + convenient + efficiency + speed -Easy to use, advanced and efficient. Specification: Color: Blue Shell Material: Metal Case size: Approx. 38.5x27.5x10.2cm Search System: microcomputer CPU control and reflection conductivity. Search Range: 800m Detecting Depth: 14m Energy: 12V 1000-1600mAh Launch Frequency: 5.6-6KHz Signal Frequency: 360-440Hz Adapter Model: KDL-121000 Adapter Input: 100-240V 50-60Hz 0.3A Adapter Output: 12V 1A Detection Type: Gold, Silver, Copper, Precious Stones Package includes: 1 x Aluminum Case 1 x Receiver scanning 1 x Transmiter 1 x Battery Adapter 1 x English User Manual 2 x Keys Details pictures: Boot Test: Open the host with the search device switch, the search is work blink, when host preference copper gear, a search is corresponding copper instructions parade light, in turn, choose the host other silver, gold, and precious stones gear, a search is corresponding to the light of the instructions of the light. Charging Methods: The instrument has been installed rechargeable batteries, direct access to the charger,can charge, charging time for 10-12 hours. Operation Method: The main vertical hanging at the waist, and try to keep the legs parallel, if you are use the right hand operating search instrument, hang on the right waist, if you are left-handle, hang on the left. Maintenance and Maintenance: -Do not remove or modification of instrument. -In the process of operation to avoid mobile phone or other metal near the instrument. -Please at 0- 40 temperature and 10%-30% humidity environment use this instrument is the best. -Use wire, needle etc metal will short circuit batteries, also will not battery with necklace metal put together, it could lead to electricity leak, overheating, burst and fire. -Do not charge for more than 24 hours. Please use the 220V. Note: new battery only through two or three times complete charge and discharge cycle to achieve the best effect. -Away from the dust and dirt, they can lead to corrosion and wear parts. -Regularly with wet cloth to wipe the probe to keep its appearance neat and clean like new. Not using harsh chemicals cleaning products.
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