5V Relay 8 Channel SSR Low Level Solid State Relay Module 250V 2A with Fuse

5V Relay 8 Channel SSR Low Level Solid State Relay Module 250V 2A with Fuse
sku: 1972680
Shipping from: China
Feature 1 Equipped with function of anti reverse connection of the power supply the module will not be damaged if the wrong power supply is connected 2 The output comes with a self recovery fuse to protect the safe use of this relay module 3 The module has 4 3mm fixing bolt holes for easy installation saving time and effort and each relay has a status indicator 4 This 5V 8 channel relay module has stable performance of electronic components so that your equipments can work stably Specification Item Type Relay ModuleMaterial Copper Clad LaminateModel HY M281Size Approx 105x52x25mm 4 1x2x1in L x W x H Input Power 5V DC 160MA Quiescent Current 0MAWorking Current 90MATrigger Voltage 0 2 5VTrigger Current 2MAInput Control Signal Voltage 0 2 5V State Low Level Relay ON 3 3 5V State High Level Relay OFF Module Interface Input Part DC Connect the power supply positive press the relay voltage power supply DC The cathode of a power supplyCH Relay module signal trigger end high level trigger effective Meaning of high level and low level High level triggering refers to the fact that there is a positive voltage between the signal High level trigger refers to the signal trigger end IN had a positive voltage andthe negative pole of the power supply is usually between and the triggering end of a trigger connected with the positive pole of a power supply when the triggerend has a positive voltage or reached the trigger voltage the relay is attracted Low lev
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