50Hz-3.8GHz RF Microwave True Power Logarithmic Detector AD8362

50Hz-3.8GHz RF Microwave True Power Logarithmic Detector AD8362
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Description 1 Working frequency bandwidth The working frequency can be 50Hz to 3 8GHz suitable for wide band power detection with flat input and output response 2 High dynamic range The input dynamic range is up to 60dB In a 50Ω system the input signal can range from 52 dBm to 8dBm 3 High accuracy and linearity Provide an accurate linear output voltage in decibels dB 50mV dB 4 True RMS power detection AD8362 is a true RMS response power detector Its measurement results are independent of the signal waveform and can detect the RF power of complex modulation signals including CDMA W CDMA 8PSK QAM and OFDM signals Suitable for IS95 CDMA2000 3GPP GSM EDGE MMDS and other broadband access equipment 5 There are two working modes AD8362 has two working modes power measurement and controller In the power measurement mode VOUT and VSETThe pin is directly connected and the output voltage is proportional to the logarithm of the rms value of the input power When the input signal increases by 1dB the output voltage Vout increases by 50 mV up to Vs 0 1 V and the voltage reading directly reflects the size of the power This working mode is suitable for power meter or power detection in equipment Another working mode is the controller mode Set a reference voltage value at the VSET terminal When the power voltage value detected by AD8362 is greater than the reference voltage value the voltage Vout outputs a high level When the power voltage value detecte
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