50 years Steam Key GLOBAL

50 years Steam Key GLOBAL
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Fast paced turn-based strategy - 50 Years is a fast-paced alternative to the bigger, longer turn-based strategy games. You can win or lose a game in a single evening. Either way you'll want to play again. Still a strategy - We love strategy games and we want to keep all those emotions that we had while playing them. That's why "50 years" is still a strategy. You will take difficult decisions and take risks. Replayability - Quick matches doesn't mean that you will soon get tired of playing. if you loose you would play again just to survive longer. If you win you would play again to beat the game even better. Furthermore the element of randomness makes your decisions non-obivous. Early game matters - We are sure that early game is one of the most fun parts of strategy game. Of course, the mistakes in early game can have unfortunate consequences and can even lead to defeat, but that is what makes this games interesting. Key features:Nations with unique abilities that you can choose at the beginning of the game. Many paths of development. Beliefs - experiment with a combination of beliefs, buildings and creatures, to create a strong economy and fearless army. Well-chosen difficulty levels. Hard difficulty level is hard. And on the normal difficulty level the game is still fun to play. Zombie chickens (and their sounds).
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