4500W Digital Display Welder ARC TIG Inverter IGBT MMA Electric Welding Machine

4500W Digital Display Welder ARC TIG Inverter IGBT MMA Electric Welding Machine
sku: 1561353
Shipping from: China
Features : Digital display, allows adjusting output current ranging from 20 to 250A . Hot start, increases the output amperage at arc start to eliminate sticking of the electrode. Advanced IGBT inverter technology, features excellent arc stability and less spatter. High welding efficiency, 60% duty cycle, ensures long time welding. High quality plastic handle, easy to carry out. Overcurrent and overheat, double protection. Heat dissipation shutters, effectively promote the heat dissipation of machinery. Fully automatic DC voltage stabilized welding machine. Pure copper welding wire, enough power. Provide a stronger, more stable and more concentrated arc. Specification : Input voltage: 220V Rated frequency: 50/60Hz Rated input capacity: 9.4KVA Duty cycle: 60% Output current: 20-250A Power: 4500W No-load Voltage: 54V Rated Output Voltage: 30V Rated load sustainability: 60% No-load Consumption: 40W Efficiency: 85% Power factor: 0.93 Shell protection grade: IP21S Insulation grade: F Applied Welding Rod: 2-10mm Electrode Diameter: 4.0 mm Size: approx. 22x10x17cm Product Weight: approx. 1885g Package includeds : 1 x Main host 1 x Wrench 2 x Quick plug head 2 x Quick plug plastic sleeve Note: * Removing Dust twice a month (with compressed air) * The body of machine must be grounding reliable. * Non-professionals are not allowed to repair to avoid accidents
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