3pcs 60V 17S 45A Li-ion Lithium Battery Protection Board BMS PCB System

3pcs 60V 17S 45A Li-ion Lithium Battery Protection Board BMS PCB System
sku: 1341780
Shipping from: China
Note The protective plate cannot be used in parallel Specifications Continuous discharging current 45AInstantaneous diacharge current 100ACharging voltage 67 2VCharging current 45AOver charge detect 4 280 05VProtect delay 100msOver charge release 4 080 05VBalance Detect voltage 4 20 025VRelease voltage 4 20 05VBalance current 605mAOver discharge 2 550 08VOver discharge detect delay 50mSRelease voltage 2 90 1VDetect voltage 150mVDetect delay 15mSCurrent detect 13010AResistance 15mWorking current 60uASleep current when over discharge 10uAWorking temperature 30 80℃Size 120 x 60 x 9mm DetailsSpecificationUnitRemarkChargeCharging voltage71 4V Recharging current45 max A DischargeContinuous discharge current45 max A Instantaneous discharge current150 max A Overcharge protectionOvercharge detection voltage4 25 0 025VSingle coreOvercharge protection delay100mS Overcharge release voltage4 05 0 05VSingle coreBattery balanceCell balance detection voltage4 2 0 025V Cell balance release voltage4 20 05V Cell balance current425mA Over discharge protectionOver discharge detection voltage2 80 08V Over discharge detection delay100mS Over discharge release voltage3 00 1V Over discharge protection release conditionLoad disconnect or charge activationOvercurrent protectionOvercurrent detection voltage150mV Overcurrent detection delay10mS Overcurrent protection current18020A Overcurrent protection release conditionLoad disconnect or charge activationShort circuit
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