3500W Mini Instant Electric Tankless Hot Water Heater Shower Bathroom Faucet

3500W Mini Instant Electric Tankless Hot Water Heater Shower Bathroom Faucet
sku: 1744650
Shipping from: China
Specifications:Rated voltage: 220VRated power: 50hzRated power: 3500WPeak temperature: 55°Whether the faucet is rotating: fixedInstallation: hanging typeCapacity: 50-80LWet towel temperature: 50°Shell material: PlasticTowel making speed: 3Features:- Temperature LIQUID crystal display, minimal window design, remove useless things. Intimate temperature display function, at any time to control the water temperature change, avoid water too cold or too hot.- Water and electricity separation technology, multiple power safety protection. Inside the fuselage, the heating tank and the circuit board can be separated and installed to prevent leakage or short circuit caused by waterway problems, which makes the operation safer and more assured.- Instant on and heat, energy saving and environmental protection, every degree of electricity can be almost converted into heat energy.- 304 stainless steel heater, tube body separation structure, high temperature resistance, long life, small noise, thermal efficiency, heating more quickly.- The outer shell is made of ABS environment-friendly plastic, durable, high temperature resistant and without deformation. The water circulation in the heating chamber is used to take away the waste heat, so the outer shell will not get hot even if it works for a long time.Package A:1 x ShowerPackage B:1 x Constant temperature water heater1 x Shower1 x Accessories set
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