3 Gears Electric Heated Socks Adjustable Warmer Socks Women Men Winter Skiing

3 Gears Electric Heated Socks Adjustable Warmer Socks Women Men Winter Skiing
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Shipping from: China
Feature 1 Soft fabric constant temperature to keep warm strong air permeability comfortable to wear 2 Battery pocket design intimate and convenient without affecting the appearance 3 Far infrared heating sheet nano fiber wire heating evenly distribute the heat 4 Lithium battery has long battery life continuous power supply and heat generation can be charged and adjusted temperature Specification MaterialSpandex CottonSocks length290mmColorGray BlackProduct categorycharging heatingGear positionlow gear 35±5°C middle gear 45±5°C high gear 55±5°C Instructions for use 1 Power button operation plug in the power or power bank long press to turn on long press to turn off 2 Button mode high temperature three indicator lights on medium temperature two indicator lights on low temperature one indicator light on click the button cycle mode 3 The high temperature is about 55℃±5℃ the medium temperature is about 45℃±5℃ and the low temperature is about 35℃±5℃ The actual temperature will be lower than this parameter Note It is recommended to wear thin silk stockings inside and then wear heated socks so that the heating socks will reduce the frequency of cleaning When washing by hand be careful not to vigorously rub the wires and heating wires When machine washing please put the power plug into the sock pocket and then put it in the laundry bag before washing Store it flat and dry before using it remembering that there must be no moisture in t
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