248pcs Multi Rotary Tool Accessories Set Grinding Polishing Abrasive Tool Kits for Dremel

248pcs Multi Rotary Tool Accessories Set Grinding Polishing Abrasive Tool Kits for Dremel
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Description: 248pcs Mini Drill Multi Rotary Tool Accessories Set Grinding Polishing Abrasive Tool Kits for Dremel Set Contains: 18PCS Sanding Bands Dia 12mm 16PCS Sanding Bands Dia 6mm 80PCS Sanding Discs 36PCS Emery Cut-off Wheels 1PC Polishing Compound 16PCS Fiberglass Cut-off Wheels 4PCS Flap Wheel 8PCS Felt Polishing Wheels 1PC Felt Polishing Bullet Shape 1PC Mandrel for Felt Polishing Wheel 6PCS Sillicon Carbide Grinding Wheels 6PCS Aluminum Oxide Grinding Wheels 6PCS White Alundum Grinding Wheels 1PC Diamond Cutting Disc 1PC Mandrel for Cutting Disc 1PC Dressing Stone 2PCS Collets 2PCS Rubber Emery Wheels 12PCS Diamond Cutters 5PCS HSS Twist Drill Bits 2PCS Sanding Shanks 1PC Sucking Dist 6PCS Rubber Grinding Stones 4PCS Silicon Carbide Grinding Stones 6PCS Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stones 1PC Brass Wheel Brush 3PCS Stainless Steel Brushes 3PCS Nylon Brushes Features: 1. 248PCS ASSORTED ACCESSORIES - Includes rich rotary tool accessories of cutting, grinding, sanding, sharpening, polishing, engraving, drilling, cleanin, meet your various DIY application requirements. Suitable for ZFE Multi-functional Rotary Tool Kit and other most rotary type tools. 2. WIDE USAGE - 1/8"diameter shanks, compatible with most rotary tools; Ideal for for home improvement, hobby, craft and whenever you need to polish, grind, drill, cut, engrave, and more. 3. ADDED STAINLESS SAW BLADES - Comes with stainless steel saw blades And 22mm Diamond Blade that others don't have, so you can cut plastic easily 4. FEATURE - Great for all types of detail work in both hard and delicate materials.Suitable for most ferrous and non-ferrous metals, castings, welded joint .Accessories for fine detail work on jade, ceramic, glass, wood, hardened steel, cast iron, stainless. Cutting: Cutting wheels, fiberglass cutter of wheel: cut thin metal Stainless steel saw blades: cut plastic Sanding: Sanding bands: Grind, polish, mold, remove paint for wooden furniture Sanding paper: Grind and polish for wooden furniture Grinding & Sharpening: Aluminum oxide grinding wheels: universal type that used for grinding and sharpening metals Silicon carbide grinding wheels: especially used for grinding glass, ceramic tile and metal Whet Stone: grinding high-speed steel cutting tools, grinding hard and brittle materials such as ceramics Cleaning: Nylon brush and Stainless steelbrush: remove dust and dirt Polishing: Rubber wheels: polish metal, glass, stone Wool wheels: removes stains, polishmetal Red grinding paste: polish metal with the wool wheel Drilling: HSS drill bit: drill for wood and plastic Carving & Engraving: HSS milling cutter: mold, chamfer and engroove for wood and plastic Diamond pointed wheel: carve on metal, ceramic tile, and glass Others: Mandrel: connect with grinding wheel, sanding paper and wool wheel Wrench: unscrew, fasten chuck nut and mandrel Package Included: 1x 248Pcs Rotary Tool Accessory Set More Details:
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