24 Series 72V 50A Lithium Iron Phosphate BMS Battery Protection Board With Balanced

24 Series 72V 50A Lithium Iron Phosphate BMS Battery Protection Board With Balanced
sku: 1279286
Shipping from: China
Feature: Size: 93 x 87 x 9mm Continuous operating current: less than 50A Charging current: 50A Balanced charge: Yes Short circuit protection: Yes Electrical parameters Specification Unit Discharge Continuous discharge current 50A Instantaneous discharge current 150A Charging Charging voltage 90V Charging current 50A (MAX.) Over charge protection Overcharge detection voltage 3.750.025V Overcharge protection delay 1000mS Overcharge release voltage 3.60.05V Battery balance Battery balance detection voltage 3.60.025V Battery balance release voltage 3.60.05V Battery balance current 405mA Over discharge protection Over-discharge detection voltage 2.10.08V Over-discharge detection delay 500mS Over-discharge release voltage 2.30.1V Over current protection Overcurrent detection voltage 150mV Overcurrent detection delay 15mS Overcurrent protection current 18020A Overcurrent protection release condition Disconnect the load Short circuit protection Short circuit protection conditions External load short circuit Short circuit detection delay 200uS Short circuit protection release condition Disconnect negative open Temperature protection Temperature protection Celsius, can be set Internal resistance Main circuit conduction internal resistance 15m Self-consumption Working current 80uA Sleep current (when battery is over-discharged) 20uA Temperature range Temperature range -30/+80C Package includes: 1 x Battery Protection Board
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