20S 72V 90A BMS PCM Protection PCB for Li-ion 18650 Battery with Balance Charge

20S 72V 90A BMS PCM Protection PCB for Li-ion 18650 Battery with Balance Charge
sku: 1302116
Shipping from: China
Description 20S 72V 90A BMS PCM Protection PCB for Li ion 18650 Battery with Balance ChargeSpecification Electrical parameters Lithium ion battery 20 string DetailSpecificationsTipicalUnitDischargeContinuous discharging current90 max AInstantaneous discharge current160AChargeCharging voltage84VCharging current90 max AOvercharge protectOver charge detect4 280 05VProtect delay100mSOver charge release4 080 05VBalanceDetect voltage4 20 025VRelease voltage4 20 05VBalance current605mAOver discharge protectOver discharge detect2 550 08VOver discharge detect delay50mSRelease voltage2 90 1VOver current protectDetect voltage150mVDetect delay15mSCurrent detect20020ARelease conditionCut LoadShort circuit protectProtect conditionCut LoadDetect delay200uSRelease conditionCut LoadTemperature protectTemperature protect ℃ResistanceInner15mSelf consumptionWorking current70uASleep current when over discharge 10uAWorking temperatureRange 30 80℃Features This product is 20 string 72V 74V 84V lithium battery power protection board With a balanced same port 90A discharge With heat sink size 120X 60X14mm With cable length is 300mm Protection board with overcharge protection over discharge protection over current protection short circuit protection temperature protection Attention when connecting When we connect BMS with cells or disassemble BMS from battery pack the following order and regulations must be complied with to avoid damage of components of BMS and problems of not protecting
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