196pcs Rotary Tool Accessories Set For Grinding Sanding Polishing

196pcs Rotary Tool Accessories Set For Grinding Sanding Polishing
sku: 1241428
Shipping from: China
Description: 196pcs Rotary Tool Accessories Set For Grinding Sanding Polishing 196 Piece Rotary Tool Accessory Set - Fits for Grinding, Sanding, Polishing Suitable for nuclear carving wood carving metal polishing polishing and so on various occasions Specifications: Type Quantity HSS 44mmx0.8x6.35 Saw Blade 1pc HSS 32mmx0.6x6.35 Saw Blade 1pc HSS 25mmx0.5x6.35 Saw Blade 1pc HSS 22mmx0.4x6.35 Saw Blade 1pc Grinding stone (type 1)3/8-Inch diameter 1pc Grinding stone (type 2) 3/8-Inch diameter 1pc Grinding stone (type 3) 3/8-Inch diameter 4pcs Grinding stone (type 4) 2/3-Inch diameter 2pcs Grinding stone (type 5) 1/2-Inch diameter 1pc HSS Wood Router Cutting Bit 6pcs 3mm Mandrel --3mm Shank For HSS saw blade 2pcs Rt-402 Screw Mandrel w/ 1/8" Shank 1pc Steel 15mm Wire Cup Brush 1pc Brass15mm Wire Cup Brush 1pc Nylon 15mm Wire Cup Brush 1pc Steel 25mm Wire Wheel 1pc Brass 25mm Wire Wheel 1pc Nylon 25mm Wire Wheel 1pc Steel 8mm Pencil Wheel 1pc Brass 8mm Pencil Wheel 1pc Nylon 8mm Pencil Wheel 1pc 15/16" Red Flash Disc 20pcs 15/16" Black Flash Disc 20pcs 1-1/4" Black Flash Disc 3pcs 20mm Red Stone Wheel 5pcs 20mm Green Stone Wheel 5pcs 24mm reinforced disc 5pcs 26mm sanding stone 1pc 10mm Bullet Sharp Felt Wheel 1pc 10mm Round Sharp Felt Wheel 1pc 25mm Felt polishing wheel 8pcs 12mm Felt polishing wheel 6pcs Sanding band (1/2-Inch) 10pcs Sanding band (3/8-Inch) 10pcs Drum sander (1/2-Inch) 1pc Drum sander (3/8-Inch) 1pc Polishing Cone (3/8-Inch tapered) 4pcs Cloth Polishing 4pcs extension bar 2pcs 1/2"Handle impeller 5pcs 3/8"Handle impeller 5pcs Extension Rod 1pc Titanium-Coated Diamond Burrs 30pcs HSS Drill bits 4pcs Colletts 4pcs sanding drum 7pcs grinding stome 1pc 10 gram Diamond polishing lapping paste compound For Metal Polish 1pc Package Included: 1 x Rotary Tool Accessory Set (196pcs) Notice: 1. Please allow a bit error due to manual measurement. please make sure you do not mind before you bid. 2. The color may have different as the difference display, pls understand. More Details:
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