1942: The Pacific Air War Steam Gift GLOBAL

1942: The Pacific Air War Steam Gift GLOBAL
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Strap yourself into the cockpit of 1942, The Pacific Air War and you'll experience the ultimate simulation of daring air combat over the South Pacific. Taking on the same challenges faced by WWII aviators, you'll tangle with the enemy in some of the most heroic battles ever fought. You'll chase down Wildcats, Corsairs, and Zeros through relentless gunfire. You'll pick apart enemy forces by dropping torpedoes, and you'll perform gravity-twisting dive-bomb attacks that will leave you glued to the back of your cockpit! Key featuresFly for either the U.S. or Japanese Navy. Choose from ten historically-accurate aircraft, each with authentic cockpit and flight characteristics!Whose side are you on? Decide for yourself by taking full command of either U.S. or Japanese forces!Sharpen your skills with varying difficulty options!To be where the action is, hop into the cockpit of any one of the planes in your flight.Heart-stopping bomb runs will push your skills and your courage to the absolute brink!Experience the same field of view as the actual aircraft pilots with an innovative new virtual cockpit!
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