150x110x70mm IP65 Switch Protector Junction Box Outdoor Waterproof Enclosure

150x110x70mm IP65 Switch Protector Junction Box Outdoor Waterproof Enclosure
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Description: IP65 Switch Protector Junction Box Outdoor Waterproof Enclosure 150x110x70mm Specification Material: thermoplastic plastics ABS Color: Gray Dimension:150mmx110mmx70mm Quantity: 1pc Usage: Waterproof connector box is mainly suitable for indoor and outdoor electrical,communications,fire equipment,steel smelting,oil chemical industry,electronics,electric power,railway,construction site,mining,quarry,airport,hotel,ships,large factories,terminal equipment,sewage discharge waste water treatment,environmental hazards, etc. The material High quality thermoplastic plastics ABS,uv protection materials,opaque upper cover (no corrosive materials,anti-static, great insulativity) Case thickness The thinnest thickness of case body are 3 mm on average,and strengthen the important parts (won't deformation),the impact strength IK07 (unbreakable with pressure).Inflaming retarding grade V0. (highly resistant to bake, not faded that use for a long time ),Light (convenient to install,also can move it's location) Waterproof properties Super waterproof, protection grade reaches more than IP56,water will not enter even rain when it is working,very safe. installation 1. Inside the box - internal convex plate for the circuit board or DIN rail components installed,and built-in copper wiring nut (each box inside is equipped with 4 regular M4 copper nut) 2. Outside the box- it can be installed on the walls through the mounting hole of the box body (can be fixed on the wall or on the board through the four angle of the box with screws or nails) In and out hole Waterproof box can be opening according to your using demand,after the opening can be install equipped with necessary waterproof clamp connector, to obtain best waterproof effect. The service life of the waterproof box Conventional materials according to different use environment typically within five years or more,thermal deformation temperature: - 40 ~ ~ 85 degrees. Package included: 1pc waterproof box More Details:
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